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    • Office supply
      • Black Pen

        Black Pen

      • Blue Pen

        Blue Pen

    • Maapilim Store
      • Body Lotion by Maapilim

        Our house body moisturizer

      • Conditioner by Maapilim

        מרכך שמותאם לראש ולזקן, לשימוש לאחר חפיפה, על בסיס צמחי, מכיל ויטמין E, ללא מלחים, פראבן, אלכוהול או סיליקון.

      • Face Cleanser by Maapilim

        Our house facial soap by Maapilim

      • Hand Cream by Maapilim

        Our house hand cream

      • AuraAir

        Aura Air is an all-in-one air solution. It detects and purifies air quality and predicts high-risk scenarios while notifying the user in real-time.

      • Mini AuraAir

        Grab your Aura Air Mini and let it purify the air around you with its unique Sterionizer™️ Technology - anywhere.

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