Ashtrom Port

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About Ashtrom Port

From its very first day, Ashtrom Properties has been aiming to create new workplace environments, along with recreational and residential areas, where people wish to hang out, evolve, and eventually settle down. We aspire to redefine the entire work environment in Israel as part of our ever-changing vision.
Our mission is to find the ideal work-life balance while realizing that it is no longer possible to create a distinction between the two, as they must coexist.
The innovative Ashtrom Port concept is an advanced and fully-furnished office complex, constructed, and designed to the highest standards.
The complex offers exclusive workspaces, supplied with modern equipment, creating the ideal work atmosphere for efficient and fruitful collaborations. On top of that, the unique complex has a lot to offer in terms of leisure, lifestyle, and extracurricular activities.
More than ever before, Ashtrom Port allows businesses to continuously leverage and modify themselves without even thinking about their old habits.
Ashtrom Port will provide you with a first-of-its-kind All-in-One experience, finally making it possible to enjoy the ideal work-life balance with minimal effort.
Create a brand new workplace experience for yourself, which works for YOU!
It’s time to change the way we work and live!

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